Free Bootstrap Admin Themes – 2018

We would like to wish our reader for upcoming new year. And we are going to share about our research across the market about bootstrap based free admin themes for your upcoming dashboard, admin and analytics projects. Those are more interactive and clear design to represents the dashboards. 1.AdminLTE AdminLTE is a open source bootstrap

Facebook style social wall script 1.0

We are happy to release our new product Social wall script. It is facebook style social wall script and its build with laravel framework and MySQL backend. Below mentioned features of the product Main Features Build in with Laravel 5.2 Repository Design Patterns Responsive Design Build with Bootstrap 3.3.5 Flexible to create RESTFul API Minified

Speed up PHP application using HHVM + Nginx

We are going to speed up our existing php application by using HHVM. HHVM is a virtual machine designed for executing the program by using Just-in-time(JIT) compilation approach. It is a new techology which is used by Facebook.Also it help us to achieve the superior performance. It is an Open Source at Facebook. Also HHVM