Monthly Archive:: October 2013

Two interesting open source jquery plugins

Today we are going discuss about two interesting Jquery plugins which are these most needed for modern web development.These are Progression PACE – Automatic page load progress bar Progression: Progression is a jquery plugin and it gives a hint about progress summary of form filling to the website which means It shows how much percent

How to enhance routing in Laravel 4

Today i gonna to tell enhancement of routing in laravel 4.I did a lot of analysis and search to enhance the routing in Laravel 4.During the analysis the i found one plugin to do a lot of thing in routing which means. You can use where in routing for group prefixes and domains. You can

Convert form GET method query data to named parameter in cakephp

Hi, I have shared simple logic to convert the form data(GET method query string)  into named parameters in CakePHP. Consider this simple form [crayon-5a5ebea937cd3493643975/] This is a simple form with GET method to search the blog based on the keyword.A simple function to convert the query string to named parameters. [crayon-5a5ebea937ce3541746026/] Argument $param_names is the

Facebook style time ago function in codeigniter

Facebook style time ago function in codeigniter. Here i have added that function snippet.It quite useful for social networking web can use this function to your helper component .   [crayon-5a5ebea9385eb909657030/] you can call this function with date time parameter [crayon-5a5ebea938603068309947/] you can use this function to your helper component and i hope it