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Integrate solve media CAPTCHA with PHP

Most of my readers asking me to take a tutorial about Integration of Solve media CAPTCHA with PHP. So that i decided to take tutorial about this. What is Solve media CAPTCHA ? CAPTCHA is basically to determine if an end user is a human or an automated bot. Solve Media’s security solution was developed from

Free responsive coming soon script with PHP, Jquery and Twitter bootstrap 3.0

I have developed responsive coming soon template with timer. For development i have used following resources Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 Font awesome 4.0.3 Responsive timer circle  HTML 5 CSS 3 PHP Features: Customize the configuration by your own (in config.php) Facebook and Twitter fan page url Feedburner email subscription Use Site logo as Image or Text

Responsive google plus like HoverCard with Twitter bootstrap, CSS and HTML

Now, we are going to learn how to design google plus like hover card. For this design i have used Twitter bootstrap 3.0 (Responsive design) Custom CSS( Referred from Boot plus) Modern browser support with device compatible. Custom CSS :  custom.css [crayon-5844ebdf41ff6059303225/] HTML: [crayon-5844ebdf42004805801723/]   That’s it. Please don’t forget to share and subscribe to latest

Fancy responsive social buttons with twitter bootstrap 3.0 and CSS3 animation

We are going to learn simple bootstrap social buttons with css3 scale animation. For this tutorial has the following resources Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 Font awesome 4.0.3 It has less loading time because no images/sprite images are used. Also i have used CSS3 scaling animation for all social buttons. CSS3 Properties: [crayon-5844ebdf4323f503085790/]  HTML: Social icon with

Responsive date pagination with AJAX, MySQL,Twitter bootstrap and PHP

Today i gonna to tell interesting tutorial which is responsive date pagination with AJAX, MYSQL, Twitter bootstrap and PHP. Date pagination is used to paginate records based on selected date. For this tutorial i used Bootstrap date paginator plugin  Twitter bootstrap 3.0 it is quite easy plugin to use. How it works: While you select

Yaml with codeigniter

If you are using large number of configuration in  your website then how do you process that configuration i mean where you stored that configuration settings and how to get that configuration. I think many of the people goes to the database to store the configuration setting but it may increases the database load. So that

Authentication and Authorization with Laravel 4

Today we are going to discuss about how to do authentication and authorization with laravel 4. Before going to this, we need to disccuss about one most popular package which is “Sentry” .  About and Features of “Sentry” : Sentry is authentication and authorization system based on PHP 5.3 + . Features: It allows custom

Create professional pricing table with CSS3 and twitter bootstrap 3.0

Today we are going to learn how to design the pricing table. There are different types of pricing table in web like Product comparison Some limitations based (Premium user subscription table) Functionality comparision and more.But in this tutorial i am going to tell how to design common pricing table for user subscription plan and functionality/Resource