Monthly Archive:: December 2013

Responsive ajax based drop down menu with Twitter bootstrap, Jquery, MySQL and PHP

Hi everybody, Now we are going to learn about implementation of ajax based responsive mega menu because  a lot of people’s struct to create ajax based mega menu with Twitter bootstrap. This type of menu quitly useful for e-commerce and news/magazines based websites to display contents very fast . Exp: So we are going

Ajax image upload and preview with laravel

Now, We will go to discuss about how to implement ajax image upload and preview with laravel. It has following features. Ajax image upload without page refrshing using laravel Instant uploaded image preview Image validation and showing error messages. Note: For validation you need to enable “php_fileinfo”  otherwise it returns exception. Ok now start the implementation

React javascript library overview

Today we will discuss about React JavaScript framework. What is react ? React is a javascript library used to creating user interface. It comes from facebook and instagram. Why react? Building large applications with data that changes over time Automatically handle UI updates which means it handles UI components while data updates or changes It

3 simple steps to install CakePHP in your xampp (Windows)

Most of the people struct to install cakephp in windows. So that today we are going learn installation steps about CakePHP. Step1: Download CakePHP package from and extract that package and locate it your xampp htdocs. Example: I have an application and my application path is G:/xampp/htdocs/cakephp/sample. Here “sample” is my application root folder. “sample” application  file structure:

Useful PHP functions – Part 1

At my web development, I have used a lot of PHP functions. Those functions are frequently used while development.So that today i have shared those function because it quite useful for the developers. Validate email with PHP Filters: it is a simple function to validate email and return bool value (true or false) [crayon-5a5ebee91d4c2176757870/] Validate

Twitter bootstrap 3 with RTL

Now, we are going to discuss about one most  interesting topic for web developers and designers  because most of the people struct with responsive  RTL (Right to left) for arabic language. Those people wants responsive design with RTL.  Is it possible? Yes. There are two opensource resources available to use RTL in twitter bootstrap. Also

Responsive gravatar style login system with PHP, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX and Twitter Bootstrap 3 is famous web site. Gravatar  stands  for globally recognized avatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars. One day i came across gavatar login page it was simple and more effective design with login functionality. From that time i decided to make similar login system with PHP.  Today we have to learn about how to create

How to create AJAX login with Laravel 4

Laravel is most recent and famous framework in PHP. So that a lot of peoples do their development in Laravel framework. So Today we will go to learn how to create ajax login with Laravel 4. For this tutorial i have used Laravel 4 Sentry package( Installation : After complete our installation, The we