Monthly Archive:: February 2014

Windows 8 style password reveal with Twitter Bootstrap and JQuery

Recently windows 8 like flat design is famous in web development across the world.So that today  we are going implement windows 8 style password reveal functionality using simple JQuery and Twitter bootstrap. Specifically i have used Jquery “clone”  for input element replacement. Here is my HTML code: [crayon-5a5ebeb983eea482834718/] CSS: [crayon-5a5ebeb983ef6347947011/] JQuery: [crayon-5a5ebeb983efe342135816/] Also i have

Useful PHP libraries and resources

Today we are not going to take tutorial but we are going to know about some interesting PHP libraries and Resources. And this is most useful for professional developers as well as beginners. A couple of day back i found some list of libraries and resources links at one of github repository which is maintained

Responsive additional flat message boxes using Twitter bootstrap and CSS

Hi, we are going to take tutorial about implementation of additional  responsive flat message box with twitter bootstrap and CSS. By default twitter bootstrap has four type of message boxes Info Success Warning Danger But in this we have implemented different colored message boxes. CSS: [crayon-5a5ebeb987f09478381810/] HTML: [crayon-5a5ebeb987f1c827901413/] That’s it and thank you………..   Demo

Responsive iconic 3D buttons with CSS3 and Twitter Bootstrap

Creation of 3D buttons with CSS3 and twitter bootstrap. It is look like call to action button based on twitter bootstrap. For this tutorial i have followed Twitter Bootstrap 3 CSS3 transition and inset box shadow properties CSS: [crayon-5a5ebeb9884a2188456273/]  HTML: [crayon-5a5ebeb9884b1606076267/] That’s it and i hope it’s quite useful for web designers and also i

Live search with JSON and JQuery

Hi, Today we are going to learn how to implement live search with JSON data using Jquery and this tutorial based on JSON response data and simple jquery regular expression to find the search key word in json data. Here is the JSON data: [crayon-5a5ebeb988aea156119750/] and it is stored in data.json file. whenever type the

Responsive animated skills progress bar with CSS3, Jquery and Twitter Bootstrap

Hi, Today we are going to learn about responsive fancy skills progress bar with twitter bootstrap. This design quite useful for the freelancer like websites. For this tutorial i have used Twitter bootstrap 3 and its progress component. Additionally i have used little bit css3 code and jquery code for animated easing effect. CSS3: [crayon-5a5ebeb98948a032939427/]

Model validation with Laravel

Hi,  we are going to discuss about model validation with laravel because by default they provides validation at controller. Also lot of people struct to implement model side validation with laravel. So that today we are going to implement model validation. For this tutorial i followed some people suggestion and concepts For model