9gag style simple photo sharing script using laravel

I going to share simple 9gag style photo sharing script based on laravel framework. And it has limited features such as

  • OAuth Login/Registration
  • Login/Registration with facebook account
  • Login/Registration with LinkedIn account
  • Login/Registration with Google account
  • Upload and share photo
  • Displaying photos with aspect ration
  • Facebook comments enabled
  • Sidebar advertisment

Before run this script you must met with laravel requirement.Ok


  •  Just download this script and extract it to your server or local.
  • And then set “url” at laravel app config file which is located at app/config/config.php
  • Then you find the our custom config file which is in same config directory(app/config/site.php)

  •  And app/storage directory must be writeable
  • “uploads” folder at public directory must be writable to upload and crop the images
  • For OAuth login you must get API from corresponding service provider and put it to config file which is located at  app/config/packages/artdarek/oauth-4-laravel/config.php file


  • Create database and provide that details to app/config/database.php file
  • Then run migration to migrate the schema to database by using following command in CLI

  •  Then configure your .htaccess as per your location of project root

That’s it . Thank you…

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