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3 simple steps to install CakePHP in your xampp (Windows)

Most of the people struct to install cakephp in windows. So that today we are going learn installation steps about CakePHP. Step1: Download CakePHP package from and extract that package and locate it your xampp htdocs. Example: I have an application and my application path is G:/xampp/htdocs/cakephp/sample. Here “sample” is my application root folder. “sample” application  file structure:

Convert form GET method query data to named parameter in cakephp

Hi, I have shared simple logic to convert the form data(GET method query string)  into named parameters in CakePHP. Consider this simple form [crayon-5a5ebe54818c0420706348/] This is a simple form with GET method to search the blog based on the keyword.A simple function to convert the query string to named parameters. [crayon-5a5ebe54818ce456994417/] Argument $param_names is the