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Responsive facebook style fetching content, image and video from url on the fly using Twitter Bootstrap, PHP and Jquery

Now we are going to implement Facebook like external content sharing which means extracting content from url , embed videos from url and show image from image website url like Flickr. I have written common class to do these things and it covers following websites based on category(website, video website, image website). It covers following

9gag style simple photo sharing script using laravel

I going to share simple 9gag style photo sharing script based on laravel framework. And it has limited features such as OAuth Login/Registration Login/Registration with facebook account Login/Registration with LinkedIn account Login/Registration with Google account Upload and share photo Displaying photos with aspect ration Facebook comments enabled Sidebar advertisment Before run this script you must

Responsive facebook style slide navigation menu for small devices using Jquery and twitter bootstrap

Today we are going to implement facebook style slide navigation menu from existing website menu for small devices using jquery and twitter bootstrap and some custom css. For this tutorial i have used CSS3 Twitter Bootstrap Jquery ‘Here is example : It is normal website and it has some menu items. It is also displayed

Free responsive twitter bootstrap based admin templates

Today i am going share info about free twitter bootstrap admin template.So it may reduces your designing  time because it is an ready made templates. AdminLTE: User friendly widgets Charts Time line design Calendar Vector Maps Tables Mailbox design and more.. Demo : Download: Git URL: Metis: Additional components like Price table File manager Additional

Responsive fullscreen textarea switching using javascript and twitter bootstrap

Today we are going to create more user friendly text-area using javascript and Twitter Bootstrap. For this tutorial i have used Twitter bootstrap and wide area  javascript plugin. I make it as responsive by using twitter bootstrap. Features: Mobile friendly Responsive User friendly light weight JavaScript plugin Ok. When comes to the implementation , i have

CLI for Slimframework

Before going to implement CLI for slimframework then we should know about slimframework What is slim framework ? Slim framework is lightweight micro framework and it helps to quickly implement web application as well as API’s. Official website: Today we are going to implement CLI(Command Line Interface) for slimframework by using top of the symfony