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Responsive facebook style fetching content, image and video from url on the fly using Twitter Bootstrap, PHP and Jquery

Now we are going to implement Facebook like external content sharing which means extracting content from url , embed videos from url and show image from image website url like Flickr. I have written common class to do these things and it covers following websites based on category(website, video website, image website). It covers following

Responsive facebook style slide navigation menu for small devices using Jquery and twitter bootstrap

Today we are going to implement facebook style slide navigation menu from existing website menu for small devices using jquery and twitter bootstrap and some custom css. For this tutorial i have used CSS3 Twitter Bootstrap Jquery ‘Here is example : It is normal website and it has some menu items. It is also displayed

Windows 8 style password reveal with Twitter Bootstrap and JQuery

Recently windows 8 like flat design is famous in web development across the world.So that today  we are going implement windows 8 style password reveal functionality using simple JQuery and Twitter bootstrap. Specifically i have used Jquery “clone”  for input element replacement. Here is my HTML code: [crayon-5a5eb82de3b99496711258/] CSS: [crayon-5a5eb82de3ba5598564972/] JQuery: [crayon-5a5eb82de3bb1775986843/] Also i have

Live search with JSON and JQuery

Hi, Today we are going to learn how to implement live search with JSON data using Jquery and this tutorial based on JSON response data and simple jquery regular expression to find the search key word in json data. Here is the JSON data: [crayon-5a5eb82de630b028938439/] and it is stored in data.json file. whenever type the

Responsive facebook style navigation bar people search using Ajax, PHP, MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap 3

We are all knows facebook.com is famous social networking website across the world and its UI and navigation options are so easy to use.So i have implemented responsive facebook style navigation bar people search with PHP, Ajax, MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap 3. For the implementation i have used Twitter Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap typeahead.js 0.9.3 Hogan(2.0.0) template