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Speed up PHP application using HHVM + Nginx

We are going to speed up our existing php application by using HHVM. HHVM is a virtual machine designed for executing the program by using Just-in-time(JIT) compilation approach. It is a new techology which is used by Facebook.Also it help us to achieve the superior performance. It is an Open Source at Facebook. Also HHVM

Responsive facebook style fetching content, image and video from url on the fly using Twitter Bootstrap, PHP and Jquery

Now we are going to implement Facebook like external content sharing which means extracting content from url , embed videos from url and show image from image website url like Flickr. I have written common class to do these things and it covers following websites based on category(website, video website, image website). It covers following

Simple way to manage database schema for existing php application using laravel illuminate database

Today we are going to learn how to manage your application database scheme and command line tool for existing php application. Advantages: Easy to handle database table schema Easy to large number of table for large application Provide command-line interface to migrate the database table schema When comes to this concept, I used laravel illuminate

Useful PHP libraries and resources

Today we are not going to take tutorial but we are going to know about some interesting PHP libraries and Resources. And this is most useful for professional developers as well as beginners. A couple of day back i found some list of libraries and resources links at one of github repository which is maintained

Responsive facebook style navigation bar people search using Ajax, PHP, MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap 3

We are all knows is famous social networking website across the world and its UI and navigation options are so easy to use.So i have implemented responsive facebook style navigation bar people search with PHP, Ajax, MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap 3. For the implementation i have used Twitter Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap typeahead.js 0.9.3 Hogan(2.0.0) template

Responsive facebook wall script 1.0 using Twitter Bootstrap

Hi, Last weekend i spend some time to implement responsive style facebook wall script and it has very little features of facebook. I hope for feature release will have more features. Feature: Facebook style Status Update Photo share Video share (Youtube and Vimeo) Facebook style Location share(Place) Load post when scroll down For this implementation

Responsive airbnb style google map property listing using Ajax, PHP, MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap

Today we are going to implement style google map based property listing using Ajax, Jquery, PHP, MySQL and Twitter bootstrap 3. is famous hotel booking website across the world and it has quite cool UI with User Friendly navigation. In this website, while we make the search then they list the properties in google map

Responsive ajax credit card payment validation with Jquery, PHP and Twitter Bootstrap

Today we are going to learn how to validate credit card details with PHP using AJAX and this tutorial quite useful for eCommerce websites. Lot of plugin is available to validate the credit card details with JQuery but i have written class to validate the creditcard details at server side and it is more secure