How to create modern windows 8 style website design

We are going to discuss about how to create modern windows 8 style website design using Metro UI css.


Metro UI Features:

  • All components are flat design
  • When compare to the other UI ,it has in-build tile design
  • So you can create website like windows 8 style
  • It has less support
  • It makes developing systems-based CSS faster, and easier.


Tiles Component:

Tiles is an component which is used to display the you app sub modules like widows 8 grid.By default tile size is 150×150 pixels. Tile size may be increased with add the next sub-classes for tile object which means :

  • .double(-vertical)
  • .triple(-vertical)
  • .quadro(-vertical)

Additionally you can add background color for the selected tiles by adding class “.bg-color-orange”.

Simple Tiles Example

For more details about this Metro UI :

Also we made some demo for you.

Demo  Download