Create wordpress like add tags with JQuery, HTML and CSS

Hi to all, Today i gonna to tell how to create wordpress like adding tags with Jquery, HTML and CSS. After published my previous article i planned to develop wordpress like add tags system. So that i searched a lot of  jquery plugins which is similar to wordpress like add tag system and found one “jquery tagbox“. This plugin functionality little bit similar to our idea. I did some changes/modification in that plugin to acheive the wordpress like add tags functionality.

I have added my source code here and also i have given download option only for the subscribed readers. So don’t forgot to subscribe for my latest blog updates.

JQuery plugin code: jquery.tagbox.js

CSS: jquery.tagbox.css

HTML code: index.html

How to call Jquery Plugin:


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Demo and Download

  • Marcelo Huenchul

    Thanks for this excelent plugin. Works like a charm!
    But i found a little error when i tried to use this plugin in a proyect that use jquery 2.2.3. This plugin didnt work because in file jquery.tagbox.js line 128 there is a deprecated event handler, .live, deprecated since jquery 1.9. The jQuery Core 1.9 Upgrade Guide help us to upgrade our code.

    So, in order to run this plugin with jQuery 1.9 or newer, I replaced the line 128 this way:

    before: jQuery(‘.’+options.className+’-remove-‘+uuid).live( “click”, function () {
    after: $(document).on( “click”, ‘.’+options.className+’-remove-‘+uuid ,function () {

    I hope this helps you

    • azhagupandian

      Thank you