Earn Money by selling your code, scripts, plugins, packages and themes

What I see in In today’s world is most of the people who earn money by selling their creative work has plagued with providing huge commissions to the middle man websites that host their work to sell their products. Mostly they must share 40% to 60% of their revenues, this is a huge loss to their potential revenues and they are paying humongous money to just to host and sell. Middle man websites earn a lot of money by this business. Don’t worry geeks, I came through a website called packagecart.com which has just come into action to solve your problem.

Packagecart.com helps geeks to sell their code, scripts, plugins, packages and themes at a transaction fee lesser than 3% of the cost of your work. There is no hidden charges. You can save 50% of your revenue by selling your creative work using packagecart.com.

They have unique feature to connect your code, scripts, plugins, packages and themes to site using github or gitlab and the products can be sold via packagecart.com. Their site has a secure payment for the users using Paypal/Stripe and your revenue that is generated is safe and secure.

Why pay 50% commission when you can sell the same with just lesser than 3% commission using packagecart.com. start selling through packagecart.com and save your revenues.

Three steps to earn more money:

  • Connect to packagecart.com with your github or gitlab credentials

  • Link your code, scripts, plugins, packages and themes to packagecart.com platform

  • Start selling and earn more money.

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