How to enhance routing in Laravel 4

Today i gonna to tell enhancement of routing in laravel 4.I did a lot of analysis and search to enhance the routing in Laravel 4.During the analysis the i found one plugin to do a lot of thing in routing which means.

  • You can use where in routing for group prefixes and domains.
  • You can use the before and after methods to apply filters to an entire route group.
  • You can run filters run on HTTP verb
  • Basically Laravel 4 router there is no way to set a requirement on a prefix.In this case you could use this enhanced routing techniques


Installation via composer:

Just add this to your composer.json file

After add this you must run this command

$ composer.phar update and then open your app/config/app.php file and add the following line under provider section

Basic Usage:

Let’s say your are developing an application that has localization support and you’re currently prefixing all your routes with the locale.


Here is simple example for where

More Example:


For more Information you can refer this package: