Instant show or hide password with Jquery

Many number of website has a instant show or hide option to reduce number of input fields at signup page. For example, you have a signup page with four input fields which is username, email, password and confirm password. By using this Jquery plugin reduces four input fields to three input fields? which means no need to add confirm password field option because users can able to see entered password via this (show and hide password) option.

Note: The plugin will not assume that touch is supported unless you tell it by specifying a value for the touchSupport option



  • Compatible with touch devices (By using Modernizr)
  • Very light weight

How to use this:

Just its library and css to your HTML header section then initialize this plugin for selector.I mean

I have added Modernizr  for touch support in this tutorial.



IE10 (Windows 8) issue:

Internet Explorer 10 includes its own control for toggling password visibility that can compete with this plugin when enabled.You can disable this control by

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Demo and Download