Integrate solve media CAPTCHA with PHP

Most of my readers asking me to take a tutorial about Integration of Solve media CAPTCHA with PHP. So that i decided to take tutorial about this.

What is Solve media CAPTCHA ?

CAPTCHA is basically to determine if an end user is a human or an automated bot. Solve Media’s security solution was developed from the ground up as a platform to help differentiate humans from automated “bots.” It is designed to protect website publishers from automated submissions, spam, attacks, and other types of fraudulent activity. Thousands of website publishers implement Solve Media’s security platform through a Turing test, otherwise known as a CAPTCHA or HIP, to validate the authenticity of end users.

Official Website:

Integration Steps:


To get the API details from Solve media

First you must complete the signup process with above URL. After login with your credential you can see your dashboard.

At left side of your dashboard you can see one link which “site”. Here you can add your site for CAPTCHA API



After clicking that link that they take you to add site page




Then click the “Add Site” button and fill the site information form.



After finished then they get you to dashboard page which has listing of websites



By clicking the key button then you can see you API key details for that website



That’s it.


Download library from solvemedialib.php


Add CAPTCHA at your form like this:


Validating captcha in your form submit method by using

$_POST[‘adcopy_challenge’] and $_POST[‘adcopy_response’] are send by Solve media API.

Step5: Index.php

My complete index.php file here

That’s it.

Demo and Download


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    How can I add this to a wordpress site?