React javascript library overview

Today we will discuss about React JavaScript framework.

What is react ?

React is a javascript library used to creating user interface. It comes from facebook and instagram.

Why react?

  • Building large applications with data that changes over time
  • Automatically handle UI updates which means it handles UI components while data updates or changes
  • It works under Virtual DOM  and synthetic events concepts
  • You can write your own reusable components

What is Virtual DOM in React?

You define your components in React. It builds a virtual DOM in JavaScript which is way more efficient. Then it updates the DOM. (And “virtual DOM” is  simply a JavaScript object with nested key-value pairs)

Data changes. React computes a diff (in JavaScript , which is, of course, much more efficient) and updates the single table cell that needs to change. React replicates the state of the virtual DOM into the actual DOM only when and where it’s necessary. And does it all at once.

Project URL :

Sample Hello World:

React.renderComponent(component,object). First argument is which component and second argument for where you want to render that component(by Id object or By class Object). While you call this method then only changes will updated from virtual DOM to DOM.

Just i have given what is react and what Virtual DOM role in react….

We will see practical tutorial upcoming articles ….

Thank you….