Responsive ajax month view calendar with PHP, Jquery and Twitter Bootstrap 3.0

Today we are going to learn how to implement responsive month view calendar using ajax. You can use this calendar to represents the events, ticket booking and etc.For implementation i have used

  • Twitter bootstrap 3
  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • Ajax


For month view calendar generation, I have written following function

And i make the ajax call to get the month calendar based on month and year parameters and append it to one div.

That’s it.

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Demo and Download

  • Angy Exicut

    I don’t really understand how are you adding an event to this calendar?

    • azhagupandiyan

      In this tutorial i have explained about ajax based php month view calendar alone .Also i just gave example where you can use this calendar. Ok no problem i will write another tutorial for ajax event calendar…

  • Isaías

    Thank you for this tutorial, I have a question, how can I give monday the first day of the week ?

  • srinivas

    Nice tutorial.

    • Azhagu Pandian

      Thank you

  • BGz

    i subscribed but can not download

  • Chris Patrick Carias Stas

    I can´t make it work. It shows a blank space.