Responsive date pagination with AJAX, MySQL,Twitter bootstrap and PHP

Today i gonna to tell interesting tutorial which is responsive date pagination with AJAX, MYSQL, Twitter bootstrap and PHP. Date pagination is used to paginate records based on selected date.

For this tutorial i used


it is quite easy plugin to use.

How it works:

While you select a date then we will make ajax call to get data from database as per the selected date.


I wants to display messages from messages table in date wise.

Database table:  “messages”

And i used php code to get data from database: date-paginator.php


Date-paginator call:

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Demo and Download

  • Manish Joshi

    hello, looking great pagination…my query is can I show dates from my database on which events were conducted instead of showing all dates in pagination row.

    if events were conducted on 01 jan, 08 jan, 04 feb…then only these three dates are shwn in pagination..