Responsive facebook style birthday calendar with PHP, Jquery, Ajax and Twitter Bootstrap

No need more explanation about Facebook. So today we are going to implement one of the facebook like component which is users birthday calendar using php, ajax and twitter bootstrap.


  • Shows users on calendar those who are having birthday on that date
  • while scroll down then we will shows next moth of birth day calendar.

For this implementation i have used

  • Twitter bootstrap
  • Jquery
  • Ajax
  • PHP and MySQL

Ok. when comes to the implementation, i have used one database table “birthday_events”  and it contains username, avatar url , user url and birthday date. Here you can seen my table structure



And I have created one calendar function to render the event calender. Also you can get data from database and pass to this function. Those data must have following format

Here is my calendar function

How to call this function:

Simply get the data from database then call this function with that data

And i used ajax to execute the entire process. Here is my JQuery code

I have used “$(window).scroll” method to trigger the ajax while you are making scroll down.

Here is my index.html

Thank you…
Demo and Download


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    Great thanks for sharing.

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    como fazer download?

  • adilahysf

    Hi, how to download this one as i’ve already subcribed to this site. I need it to help me for my project. Thanks :)