How to shows public Flickr rss feed images with Ajax, Jquery and PHP

We are all knows Flickr is a famous photo sharing website across the world. Also they are giving RSS feed and API to use public photos to your website.So that today we are going to have little tutorial and demos about to get and shows  the public images from RSS feed based on Flickr single or multiple user id(For multiple user id are separated by comma) or general photos (Not specific user).

Flickr public RSS Feed details : 

For RSS Grab purpose, I have written PHP Class(“FlickrFeed”) to get the feeds based on Query string. In this class i have used CURL to get the Feeds from the Flickr URL.


I called this class with Flickr User id. Here is the code

After getting this response you can use loop to display data’s

In this tutorial, I have used Ajax to call the getImages.php to grab the flickr images.This file returns JSON formatted response.

Jquery Code:

Please visit live demo. Also i have given my demo files download option……

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Demo and Download