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Fancy responsive social buttons with twitter bootstrap 3.0 and CSS3 animation

We are going to learn simple bootstrap social buttons with css3 scale animation. For this tutorial has the following resources Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 Font awesome 4.0.3 It has less loading time because no images/sprite images are used. Also i have used CSS3 scaling animation for all social buttons. CSS3 Properties: [crayon-5a5e86d3cd029942825292/]  HTML: Social icon with

Features of Bootstrap 3.0

Recently Bootstrap 3.0 launched and it has a lot of new features Flat design like windows 8 Theme Panel components are added Stick footer functionality List groups with captions or description List group with Badges Grid has been optimized based on devices Extra small devices(width < 768px) Small devices(width >= 768px) Medium devices(width >= 992px)