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Responsive facebook style fetching content, image and video from url on the fly using Twitter Bootstrap, PHP and Jquery

Now we are going to implement Facebook like external content sharing which means extracting content from url , embed videos from url and show image from image website url like Flickr. I have written common class to do these things and it covers following websites based on category(website, video website, image website). It covers following

How to check popularity of URL across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google plus, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Pinterest using PHP and JQuery

Today we are going to learn  more about how to check the URL popularity across the social networks like Facebook Twitter Reddit Google plus StumbleUpon LinkedIn Pinterest Popularity means this same url  how many times shared ,liked ,commented and pinned by the users across the social networks. Ok Before going to the implementation we should

Facebook style update status box with CSS3, HTML, Bootstrap and Jquery

We are all know facebook is greatest User friendly UI based website. So today we will have tutorial about creation of facebook like update status or share box. This tutorial based on CSS3 transitions (For arrow movement) HTML Bootstrap 3.0 Jquery For icons, I have used font awesome. Here is my CSS code: [crayon-5a5e85d4a240c556985882/] I

Responsive facebook style homepage, registration and login design with twitter bootstrap 3.0

Facebook is a famous social networking website and it has more user friendly navigation and UI designs. So that i am going to tell how to create facebook style home page , registration and login form design using Twitter bootstrap 3.0. Features: Responsive Facebook like login form Facebook like registration form Custom CSS Code: [crayon-5a5e85d4a2f98822337480/]