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Simple way to manage database schema for existing php application using laravel illuminate database

Today we are going to learn how to manage your application database scheme and command line tool for existing php application. Advantages: Easy to handle database table schema Easy to large number of table for large application Provide command-line interface to migrate the database table schema When comes to this concept, I used laravel illuminate

Useful PHP libraries and resources

Today we are not going to take tutorial but we are going to know about some interesting PHP libraries and Resources. And this is most useful for professional developers as well as beginners. A couple of day back i found some list of libraries and resources links at one of github repository which is maintained

Responsive ajax month view calendar with PHP, Jquery and Twitter Bootstrap 3.0

Today we are going to learn how to implement responsive month view calendar using ajax. You can use this calendar to represents the events, ticket booking and etc.For implementation i have used Twitter bootstrap 3 Jquery PHP Ajax For month view calendar generation, I have written following function [crayon-5a5e875602cf7711481634/] And i make the ajax call

Responsive ajax based drop down menu with Twitter bootstrap, Jquery, MySQL and PHP

Hi everybody, Now we are going to learn about implementation of ajax based responsive mega menu because  a lot of people’s struct to create ajax based mega menu with Twitter bootstrap. This type of menu quitly useful for e-commerce and news/magazines based websites to display contents very fast . Exp: So we are going

Useful PHP functions – Part 1

At my web development, I have used a lot of PHP functions. Those functions are frequently used while development.So that today i have shared those function because it quite useful for the developers. Validate email with PHP Filters: it is a simple function to validate email and return bool value (true or false) [crayon-5a5e87560450b728416258/] Validate

Simple way to detect device type with PHP

Today we are going to learn how to check the browsing device is computer or  mobile or tablet or bot  with PHP. For this tutorial  i have used simple function to detect the device. Features: Detection is application for Mobile Tablet Computer Bot For this tutorial i used following device type array [crayon-5a5e87560556b715341664/] I did