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Model validation with Laravel

Hi,  we are going to discuss about model validation with laravel because by default they provides validation at controller. Also lot of people struct to implement model side validation with laravel. So that today we are going to implement model validation. For this tutorial i followed some people suggestion and concepts For model

Responsive ajax credit card payment validation with Jquery, PHP and Twitter Bootstrap

Today we are going to learn how to validate credit card details with PHP using AJAX and this tutorial quite useful for eCommerce websites. Lot of plugin is available to validate the credit card details with JQuery but i have written class to validate the creditcard details at server side and it is more secure

How to validate Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vimeo video URL with JQuery

Most of the people struct to write regular expression to validate the given url valid or not. So that today we will have tutorial about validate Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vimeo video url with Jquery regular expression. It validate the following type of urls Jquery Regex: [crayon-5a5e85864f7ef026771277/] How to validate: