Two interesting open source jquery plugins

Today we are going discuss about two interesting Jquery plugins which are these most needed for modern web development.These are

  • Progression
  • PACE – Automatic page load progress bar


Progression is a jquery plugin and it gives a hint about progress summary of form filling to the website which means It shows how much percent form fields has been filled.So it gives better understanding about form filling for the users.


Demo:                                                                   Download:                                                                       Documentation:

PACE – Automatic page load progress bar:

PACE is a jquery plugin which is used to represents status of loading webpage to the users and its is an modern interactive method to show the loading status of the websites. Gmail and Youtube are used like this type page or video loading indicator to the users.It is support most of the browsers.So you can try this one for your future web development.


Demo :                                                                     Download:                                                                                       Documentation:

I hope these jquery plugins to give an option to develop user friendly websites.