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Simple way to manage database schema for existing php application using laravel illuminate database

Today we are going to learn how to manage your application database scheme and command line tool for existing php application. Advantages: Easy to handle database table schema Easy to large number of table for large application Provide command-line interface to migrate the database table schema When comes to this concept, I used laravel illuminate

9gag style simple photo sharing script using laravel

I going to share simple 9gag style photo sharing script based on laravel framework. And it has limited features such as OAuth Login/Registration Login/Registration with facebook account Login/Registration with LinkedIn account Login/Registration with Google account Upload and share photo Displaying photos with aspect ration Facebook comments enabled Sidebar advertisment Before run this script you must

Model validation with Laravel

Hi,  we are going to discuss about model validation with laravel because by default they provides validation at controller. Also lot of people struct to implement model side validation with laravel. So that today we are going to implement model validation. For this tutorial i followed some people suggestion and concepts For model

Ajax image upload and preview with laravel

Now, We will go to discuss about how to implement ajax image upload and preview with laravel. It has following features. Ajax image upload without page refrshing using laravel Instant uploaded image preview Image validation and showing error messages. Note: For validation you need to enable “php_fileinfo”  otherwise it returns exception. Ok now start the implementation

How to create AJAX login with Laravel 4

Laravel is most recent and famous framework in PHP. So that a lot of peoples do their development in Laravel framework. So Today we will go to learn how to create ajax login with Laravel 4. For this tutorial i have used Laravel 4 Sentry package( Installation : After complete our installation, The we

Authentication and Authorization with Laravel 4

Today we are going to discuss about how to do authentication and authorization with laravel 4. Before going to this, we need to disccuss about one most popular package which is “Sentry” .  About and Features of “Sentry” : Sentry is authentication and authorization system based on PHP 5.3 + . Features: It allows custom

How to enhance routing in Laravel 4

Today i gonna to tell enhancement of routing in laravel 4.I did a lot of analysis and search to enhance the routing in Laravel 4.During the analysis the i found one plugin to do a lot of thing in routing which means. You can use where in routing for group prefixes and domains. You can